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by DerbyDad4Hire at 12:56 PM
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DerbyDad4Hire is looking to help build the hobby by offering an opportunity to get great pricing on Pinewood Derby products and help build the largest brand in high performance pinewood derby supplies. Our racers will be used to beta test the latest and greatest products before they hit the market! This sponsorship is for those that want to HAVE FUN "pro" racing and want to work in a team environment....
by DerbyDad4Hire at 11:00 PM
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Derby Freaks “The List”
Top Ranked Pinewood Derby Racers In The USA!
House Rules:
1. To be on the “The List” you must: Be a member of the www.pinewoodderbyonline.com forum using your racing name as your member name. Have a race team logo for your forum avatar.
2. You must be prepared to defend your spot on “The List”.
3. Once it begins, a builder moves up “The List” by calling out and challenging a...