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  1. Joe
    Failure to prepare is preparing to fail
  2. Joe
    Failure to prepare is preparing to fail
  3. Joe
    Failure to prepare is preparing to fail
  4. Darkside
  5. Retroracer
  6. Pack76oldtown
    DYI bore prep.
  7. Pack76oldtown
    Anybody have details on how to set up a 4 wheel railrider? All 4 wheels need to be touching the track at the starting gate.
  8. Richard Burbage
  9. derbydentist
    Looking forward to Race day!
  10. DelcoRacer
    DelcoRacer GravityX
    Gravity, do you know when you will have more of the 5 0 GX Fender Gap tools for sale?
  11. Wolfram Racing
    Wolfram Racing DerbyDad4Hire
    Could you please change my profile name from gphall to "Wolfram Racing".
  12. Wolfram Racing
  13. Charles Studer
    Charles Studer DerbyDad4Hire
    Hey John the national championship rankings link on the home page seems dead is there another place I could see them?
  14. Lets-go-terps
    Pack champion
  15. Charles Studer
    Charles Studer whitaker717
    Do you still have the tools if so how much for it all?
  16. Mike A.
    Mike A.
    Black&Teal Racing
  17. Michael D. Kasten
    Michael D. Kasten Maglev
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    Chuck Pinewood Derby 1:17 PM 52 KB
    Mr. Kasten,

    Apologies for disturbing you, but can you send me Maglev’s e-mail address for his dust-free wheel storage trays?
    I tried to open an account on pinewoodDerbyOnline, but they haven’t responded.
    Thank you!
    Kind regards,
    Wolf Scout Dad

    Sent from my iPhone

    Chuck <charlesfatora@gmail.com>
    1. Michael D. Kasten
      Michael D. Kasten
      Maglev Chuck has asked me for help a couple of times will you help him please I think he's having computer issues
      May 25, 2018
    2. Lets-go-terps
      Michael - thank you! I finally was able to get approval for a PWD Online account - don't know what my issue was, I just resubmitted my e-mail. I contacted Maglev last week and my trays arrived today - thanks for the assist!
      Jul 14, 2018
  18. gWebber
    gWebber DerbyDad4Hire
    Seems there's some joker on here (maybe other forums too) that's claiming to be me and using my full name along with some general bio info and using a similar email address to my personal email address.

    Wondering if there is a means of removing him completely and maybe blocking him from getting back in.
  19. aircooled
    aircooled Watchitgo
    Hi, is the jig still for sale? If so what are you asking for it?
  20. "The Fonze"
    "The Fonze"
    Alphonso ‘The Fonze’ Peluso