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  1. Rob Rogers
    Rob Rogers
    Thinking about Pack race coming in Feburary! Cub Scout Racing Rocks
  2. Carl ODay
    Carl ODay denboy
    Does it all the stuff you have for sale have to go together - would you be willing to ship some of the small stuff? I'm interested in the drill guides, bits, pliers, axle bender and polishing supplies
  3. Carl ODay
    Carl ODay gorillafingaz
    Did anyone contact you about the test track you were looking for? I'm in Socal too and looking for a 2 or 3 lane test track too...
  4. Billstam
    Looking to make you car faster so am I. Let’s work together making our cars faster
  5. JamieM
    Missed the overall NYC Prostock Championship by 13 ten thousands of a second!
  6. DelcoRacer
    mason dixon
  7. HurriCrane Racing
    HurriCrane Racing
    For the love of all that is holy! Quit crying when the wrong scout wins!
  8. Charles Studer
    Charles Studer ~JBD RACING~
    Hey Benji, are the videos you use in your workshop from you or are they the premium content from John here online? If you have the videos available in pdf I would be interested even if you are not interested in mentoring anyone....thanks Chuck
  9. Dan Hodge
    Dan Hodge txchemist
    I’m looking at buying one of your bodies and some weight on eBay. Do you combine shipping?
    1. txchemist
      Dan, on eBay,send me a question about an item and mention all you want to buy and I will answer back with a lower price offer that will take care of volume and shipping savings.
      Apr 18, 2019
  10. slipstream
    slipstream MICHAEL JONES
    I was at a race in twin falls and there was someone there with a fast car he said he got help from a pro in Pocatello, at there district race my nephews car got 1st and the other kids car got 3rd just barely. I think he they would have went with a wedge body they might have placed 1 and easy 2nd. the race times were really really close. Just saw you were from the same location.
  11. Northstar
    Northstar Cubscout Dad
    I would love to connect and can use the help. Send me an e-mail at michael.bidney@bidtradellc.com and we can set something up.

    I'd like to have a car built before benchmarking with time to adjust. So maybe beginning of May.
  12. tomb
    tomb DerbyDad4Hire
    What size pin gage do I need to test drills done with a #43 drill bit?
  13. Scorpion Racing
    Scorpion Racing Brian Stanley
    Hi Brian,
    I'm Dan from Pa with the 42' Best Track.
    I just logged on and saw your name pop up in the members online group.
  14. Brian Stanley
    Brian Stanley Chad Laubenthal
    You still have this track? Will you ship it?

    Let me know.

  15. Brian Stanley
    Brian Stanley derbychip
    I was doing a search and noticed you mentioned at one time you had a 2 lane Best Track available for sale, you still have it?
  16. Scorpion Racing
    Scorpion Racing Chad Laubenthal
    Hello-I don't know if you received the message I sent earlier. Do you still need a 42' Best Track? My sons just finished scouting and we are selling all of out Pinewood Derby equipment. They had very successful racing careers and have moved up to Boy Scouts. It's in like new/ excellent condition. Please let me know if you are interested.

  17. Scorpion Racing
    Scorpion Racing Chad Laubenthal
    I have a track for sale with timer, crate, tools, etc.
  18. Dan Hodge
    Dan Hodge DerbyDad4Hire
    John can you change my user name to HodgePodge Racing please?
  19. JamieM
    Rebuilding for district!
  20. Chantuay McCoy
    Chantuay McCoy DocJancsi
    In your rules for GLFSC 2019 you referred to dens over and over again, did you mean rank? I know most packs have only 1 den but a few have 2 or more in each rank.
    On page 8, 10.1.1, it says " The Great Lakes Field Service Council 2019 Cub Scout Pinewood Derby Den Championship Races". I know that the GLFSC is not running dens (too confusing), is it by rank?
    Thank you :-)