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Sep 25, 2023 at 2:26 AM
Nov 7, 2011
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Nov 7, 2011 (Age: 11)
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Eagle Mountain, UT

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Administrator, 11, from Eagle Mountain, UT

www.derbydad4hire.com for all your pinewood derby needs! Sep 29, 2016

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Sep 25, 2023 at 2:26 AM
    1. Matt Gamatko
      Matt Gamatko
      My car is wobbling at the bottom of the track ( 42ft Best track ). Do you think wheel gaps are to wide or car needs more steer?
    2. Cars3
      I was just wondering are there any good videos on setting a car up. I found a good one for polishing the wheel bores and polishing axles, but nothing on putting the axle and wheels on the car and final graphite application etc.?
    3. Follow Me
      Follow Me
      Hi, can you please change my screen name to "Follow Me" ?
    4. Roadrunner
      Hi John. I’m experimenting with some bushing material that is not good with silicon lubes. Is Holy Water a safe choice for this application? Or is there a better option?
    5. ratrodsrule1
      John I hear you host races. My Granddaughter has aged out of AWANA.She wants to give the NPWDRL a try. All our experience is in AWANA. What class do you recommend for us rookies ? Thanks for the Forum. I'm house bound for the most part and it helps me thru the day. Got access to a full bore cabinet shop for the cutting etc. The rest I do at the kitchen table. Only have tuning board but no test track.Thanks..RRR
      1. DerbyDad4Hire
        I just saw this...
        Apr 9, 2020
    6. Jayhard
      So I am new to this. After using black ice should I still burnish graphite into bore. And can I still pledge axles?
    7. Keith A.
      Keith A.
      Hey John, quick question. After using the Black Ice Kit, is there any further prep needed for graphite races? Typically in the past, I've only polished the bore with graphite, but I was wondering if this step is needed anymore after Red Rocket is applied. Thanks! -K
    8. tomb
      What size pin gage do I need to test drills done with a #43 drill bit?
    9. Dan Hodge
      Dan Hodge
      John can you change my user name to HodgePodge Racing please?
    10. Pinewood Outlaw
      Pinewood Outlaw
      John is it possible to have my profile name changed to Pinewood Outlaw Racing
    11. Castoro Racing
      Castoro Racing
      John, when possible can you change my profile name to Acast? Thanks
    12. Castoro Racing
      Castoro Racing
      John can you change my profile name to Acastsju?
    13. Wolfram Racing
      Wolfram Racing
      Could you please change my profile name from gphall to "Wolfram Racing".
    14. Charles Studer
      Charles Studer
      Hey John the national championship rankings link on the home page seems dead is there another place I could see them?
    15. gWebber
      Seems there's some joker on here (maybe other forums too) that's claiming to be me and using my full name along with some general bio info and using a similar email address to my personal email address.

      Wondering if there is a means of removing him completely and maybe blocking him from getting back in.
    16. Charles Studer
      Charles Studer
      Is there a way to watch the videos that are newer.....i could watch your older ones and the bull dogs and lightnin boys but 5 complete videos wont play at all for me?
    17. Charles Studer
      Charles Studer
      Hi John I picked up the online membership a couple days ago and was trying to figure out how to access it.......
      1. Charles Studer
        Charles Studer
        Lol....sorry i think i found it.....in the members section? Thank you
        Mar 19, 2018
    18. My05suzuki
      John, did you have a chance to send back the cars from December's race?
    19. Troy Taylor
      Troy Taylor
      Are there going to be anymore of the 94x Jumbo axles?
      1. Reggie likes this.
      2. DerbyDad4Hire
        I have a few sets here I could sell you.
        May 11, 2017
    20. My05suzuki
      Looks like I may need to get some fenders, seemed to be a big difference at the Mid-America.
      1. DerbyDad4Hire likes this.
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    Nov 7, 2011 (Age: 11)
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    Eagle Mountain, UT