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Billy’s Red Neck Do It For Dale Flyin’ Aces Crew It’s Not What But Who You Know

Discussion in 'Building tips' started by ratrodsrule1, May 20, 2020.

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    Just minutes after a 3 day/night ordeal of exorcising the demons from The Intimadator and shipping it out they gained access to a no longer available bore sealer. Having won Johns 093 axle door prize last month and gotten their hands on a quality set of 2.4’s IRONHEAD is now getting the attention it deserves. With cure time for the sealer no longer a time sensitive issue before next month Ironhead should be ready to do the dance by early June.

    The Aces may get out run but they refuse to get out worked and their next tribute car is already in rendering. Make it stop, please make it stop !! But they can’t stop because they’re Doin’ It For Dale.... RRR

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