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Billy’s Red Neck Do It for Dale Frugal Flyin’ Aces "If It Fits It Ships" Theory Goes All Postal !!

Discussion in 'General Pinewood Derby Discussion' started by ratrodsrule1, May 21, 2020.

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    And they wouldn’t let poor Rudolph play in any reindeer games. And you shouldn’t play the USPS reindeer games either. Convenient usually has nothing to do with savings.

    Johns Legend boxes are great but as good as they are Postal Abuse should be me punishable by law. When you make your box in a box box don’t play the "If I fits it ships " game unless you’re sending 70 pounds of 5 oz cars.. Try this, rather choosing a flat rate box with a pre-determined postage fee make your outer box out of a reasonably sized Kraft or any correct repurposed box no longer than 12” in any dimension that leaves room for the extra padding. Using the clip n ship app when choosing what package don’t select any of the fancy box sizes. Instead choose ship by weight but still print a Priority Mail label. From Billy’s zip code that literally cuts shipping costs in half for the round trip. And that my friends is 2 sets of axles in savings. Merry Christmas Y’all.......RRR
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