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Fastest BSA Wheels?

Discussion in 'Ask The Pros' started by chennemann, Feb 12, 2020.

  1. chennemann

    chennemann Pinewood Ninja

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    I was wondering what people would recommend for the fastest BSA Wheels.

    It is our last year 2 scouts. They really opened up the rules so she wants to go all out. The rules are box rules which allows us to do anything to the wheels (no bears/washers).

    My concern is that if you go to light that the integrity of the wheel roundness could be an issue. It is a newer track, but often has small bump when they put it together.
  2. Pinewood Outlaw

    Pinewood Outlaw Council Champion

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    For scout races I would go with Dd4h Dynasty Rage. They are lathed to 1.16" and weigh in at 2.3 grams.....a little lighter than stock wheels but still strong enough for scout tracks that might not be maintained properly....plus they don't break the bank compared to other lighter wheels. Grab some 93tx grooved axles and the black ice wheel prep kit and axle prep kit and you'll be good.

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