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Tune-Up Tueday And One Of Life's Many Regrets

Discussion in 'Ask The Pros' started by ratrodsrule1, Jun 16, 2020.

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    After surfing the Waymaia Bay of the WWW Bermuda Triangle and the trekking their way thru the Forum Matrix the upstart Do It For Dale and Fliyn' Aces crew has their answer to the weight bias controversy. It all depends on what class you're building for, what you prefer, and never ever insult Newton's unchangeable Law of The Conservation Of Energy.

    The next obstacle is the right amount of sweet spot of steer for BAXS AM. They assume the above findings apply here also and would appreciate the Forums help as well.

    One of this writers many life's regrets is he didn't discover the world PWD outside the AWANA program when he still had his health and could anything himself and do it well. While standing outside his Oncologist office being screened for entry and the attendant placed an ok to enter label on his shirt it reminded him of the last chapter of things to come in a book who's laws should also never be insulted. After the blood draw he made his way to the man store of HF. While standing 6' apart in the check out line he heard a song over the stores Muzak system that reminded of this vid RAT CHEER (Redneck for right here)and his years of competitive competitive softball at a high level. Misty eyed doesn't begin to describe it !!!

    Enough of that....what about the tune question guys and gals ???
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