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  1. Spinning_Wheel
    Spinning_Wheel philcav7
    Hi Phil, Trying to get int touch. Waundering if you and your boy were coming to our race this spring. I beilieve we are going to have a pretty good turnout. We were thinking of you and thought we would reach out. Hope is well. Matt
  2. Smashboyz
    District Champion
  3. Smashboyz
    District Champion
  4. Prozach2
    Prozach2 Matt Barga
    Hey Matt, Hope you guys are well. Looking for some new ways to add some speed. You mentioned that you did something to widen the axles. Our rules require us to use the axles out of the box, but they don't prevent us from modifying them. Could you tell me how you did it or point me in the direction of instructions? I'd really appreciate it!
  5. Larry c
    Larry c
    Michael and Larry's pinewood project : )
  6. Joanna Barker
    Joanna Barker
    On hold again this year due to Covid 19.
  7. Matt Gamatko
    Matt Gamatko DerbyDad4Hire
    My car is wobbling at the bottom of the track ( 42ft Best track ). Do you think wheel gaps are to wide or car needs more steer?
  8. Cars3
    Cars3 DerbyDad4Hire
    I was just wondering are there any good videos on setting a car up. I found a good one for polishing the wheel bores and polishing axles, but nothing on putting the axle and wheels on the car and final graphite application etc.?
  9. Kindintentions
    Kindintentions Mojo Racing
    Would love a spot in the workshop, always looking for more tips and tricks.
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  10. Paint Where it Ain't
    Paint Where it Ain't zigzag
    Hi there,
    Is your track still available for sale? I live in Mooresville and am interested. Thank you!
  11. Carl ODay
    Carl ODay Mojo Racing
    I'm interested in your workshop - would you mind sharing the particulars?
  12. Follow Me
    Follow Me DerbyDad4Hire
    Hi, can you please change my screen name to "Follow Me" ?
  13. Roadrunner
    Roadrunner DerbyDad4Hire
    Hi John. I’m experimenting with some bushing material that is not good with silicon lubes. Is Holy Water a safe choice for this application? Or is there a better option?
  14. ratrodsrule1
    Win or lose we're Doin' It For Dale !!
  15. blkhunter01
    Bored damn bat virus
  16. Blazer25
  17. Blazer25
    Blazer25 B_Regal Racing
    What do you charge to drill axle holes?Rear canted,one front raised,other front for steer with straight axle.Thanks
  18. donaldcann55
    hey everyone
  19. ratrodsrule1
    ratrodsrule1 DerbyDad4Hire
    John I hear you host races. My Granddaughter has aged out of AWANA.She wants to give the NPWDRL a try. All our experience is in AWANA. What class do you recommend for us rookies ? Thanks for the Forum. I'm house bound for the most part and it helps me thru the day. Got access to a full bore cabinet shop for the cutting etc. The rest I do at the kitchen table. Only have tuning board but no test track.Thanks..RRR
    1. DerbyDad4Hire
      I just saw this...
      Apr 9, 2020
  20. T-Bone Racing
    T-Bone Racing
    Always looking for sub 50